10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language!

No matter how audacious the title may sound, when I actually got to list down the reasons for learning a foreign language I surprised myself. So let’s start:

1.       It broadens your horizons.

We often associate foreign shores with touching new horizons. A learning avenue that creates the possibility of an overseas job opportunity not only broadens your physical horizons but also opens up the vistas of the mind.  

2.       Opens new frontiers & opportunities.

A typical academic course logically has a limited scope of application. When one learns a foreign language multiple avenues within and outside the scope of the application get unlocked through opening up of communication channels.

3.       Connects you with the world.

What better way can one think of connecting with the world than speaking the same language? Period!

4.       Pushes you to achieve more out of your comfort zone.

If you want to achieve more, get out of your comfort zone. Sounds cliched? But believe me learning a foreign language with its own set of vocabulary and grammar literally throws you out of your own language comfort zone. Once you learn the new rules of the game, achievement is a mere formality.

5.       Sets you apart from your monolingual peers.

Anything mono can be very well equated as boring. No wonder, a person who is a native linguist stands out from the crowd. If you know a foreign language you are bound to score more brownie points.

6.       Foreign language Translators, Interpreters and Trainers are in great demand right now.

In this era of globalization, there is a huge demand of Foreign Language Professionals. Across job portals there are more than 30,000 job postings for various foreign languages at any given instance of time. With large mergers and acquisitions happening around the world, this number is likely to grow multiple times in the next decade. It’s a no-brainer that professionals who can translate, interpret and train in foreign languages are in vogue.  

7.       Career opportunities with MNC’s. 

Birds of feather flock together. Wouldn’t multinational companies prefer professionals who can understand and speak the language in common? Rightly so, this opens up a plethora of job openings with MNC’s.

8.       Career opportunities with Indian MNC’s.

When Indian companies set up their shops in other countries they need professionals who can be understood over there. These professionals who know that country’s language bridge the gap in communication thereby open up the two way channels of trade.   

9.       Large Companies need managers to travel overseas to close deals and oversee operations.

Exports bring in huge amounts of foreign currencies into our markets. This increases the economic health of our country. Won’t one always prefer to buy from or take instructions from a person who speaks your own language?   

10.   Small companies need managers to travel overseas for Business Development & Operations.

Business Development & Operations start the moment the first word is uttered as a Sales pitch or an instruction. If this comes in the language of the land the geographical differences disappear in thin air.   

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