The Joy of Learning and Teaching German

Like several engineering students, learning a foreign language was never my priority or interest. However, I considered exploring the option after my elder brother, who himself is a Mechanical Engineer, recommended me to do a foreign language course. There were several language options available- French, German, Spanish. However, coming from the Mechanical Engineering background, I felt pursuing German language course would align well and compliment my Engineering skills.

A quick google search for German language classes in Pune showed a list of institutes, several of which I visited for enquiry. But after having a look at the learning atmosphere, infrastructure and training methods at ITESKUL, I decided to pursue my A1 with them. After attending a few sessions, a big interest in the language started evolving. Giving enough time for solving exercises daily was a must, but besides this I used to translate movie dialogues, songs and used to ask my colleagues to identify them.

A1 and A2 were the beginner levels where I learned basic conversation skills. B1 was the turning point- after completion of this level I was able to express almost all my thoughts in German. I experienced the real happiness of learning German in my B1 level, where I started writing my own raps and poems.

A journey that began from a career point of view and since has transformed into a passion. After completion of B1, I received several opportunities to work as a German Language expert in reputed MNC and IT organizations. But I preferred exploring the beauty of this language by pursuing higher levels. After completion of my B2 level, I got a chance to work as a German language trainer for the A1 level. Teaching A1 helped me further strengthen my basics and the interaction with students has made me more expressive. 

Becoming a German language trainer has helped me shape my personality, more in terms of professionalism. Today I have equal confidence in speaking, not just fluent German, but English as well. Despite being an Engineer, I have taken up the unconventional route of working as a foreign language trainer. The feeling of waking up each day and interacting with students, explaining grammar concepts in a creative way, helping them solve their queries and providing them guidance for their future gives me a sense of achievement. I always advise students and fellow language learners that learning a foreign language should not be dependent on age, background or English proficiency. The process and outcome of learning a language can expand your mental horizons to an unimaginable extent, join a course and you will see a massive positive impact on your personality.

About the Author

Akshay Narad is a German language enthusiast and trainer. He is a budding poet and writes in German, Hindi and Marathi

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6 thoughts on “The Joy of Learning and Teaching German

  1. Iteskul is one of the most reputed and well-known institute for foreign languages in Pune. By joining this course of German language it not just developed interest in me to learn further levels but has enhanced my confidence as well. Its all because of my trainer Akshay Sir and the whole iteskul team Chirag sir and Pratik sir. I would like to thank to Akshay sir for really taking tremendous efforts to teach us in creative and much easier manner and also to the whole iteskul team..

  2. One of the best sir in ITESKUL. And behavior of sir very good. And sir is so talented. thanks ITESKUL ??

  3. Akshay sir is one of a kind teacher. I am really thankful to have him as my language instructor.
    ..and yes, very well written blog!

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