Where can I learn Dutch Language in Pune?

Dutch Language Details

The Dutch language is known by different names around the world. It is called Netherlandic or Dutch Nederlands in the Netherlands, but referred to as Flemish in Belgium, while the rest of the world knows it simply as Dutch.

Dutch is the National language of The Netherlands and is of West Germanic origin, the same as the English, German and many other languages of the region. Dutch language is widely spoken across the countries of the European Union, USA and Canada. It is also spoken in certain countries of Africa, like South Africa which has adopted it and made it their own, now calling it Afrikaans.

The Dutch language course at ITESKUL focuses on learning a language in-depth and teach the nuances of it, which translates to a better understanding of the culture that language originates from. The Dutch language course will benefit you immensely by way of learning not only the language but the culture as well. Also, the Dutch courses are available in classroom as well as online, so you can learn the language according to your schedule and comfort of your own space!

Reasons to Learn Dutch Language

  1. Similarity to English– with many words that are similar to it, makes the Dutch Language easy to learn.
  2. Learning a language which is popular in the EU will improve prospects in the EU market
  3. Employment opportunities vastly improve with the knowledge of a global language like Dutch. Netherlands’ strong trade ties and huge financial investment in India, make learning Dutch an attractive proposition for individuals working in export, import and international business areas.
  4. Netherlands is a popular destination amongst travelers and is home to some amazing tourist attractions. Besides it is rich art and cultural heritage and has several museums for art connoisseurs
  5. It becomes easier to communicate with people in their own language.
  6. Socializing is better and improved relationships are formed when you are able to speak another person’s language
Dutch language courses at ITESKUL

Dutch Language Courses at ITESKUL

ITESKUL is one of the most popular foreign language schools in Pune conducting Dutch courses. At ITESKUL, we teach not just the basic rules of a language but also the local and popular usage of words and phrases, making all interactions in the Dutch language smooth and seamless.

Dutch Language A1 to B2– Learn the language as per the CEFR levels. Along with helping you improve your Dutch language skills, the course will provide a great opportunity to apply for jobs in reputed MNCs.

The ITESKUL Dutch language courses will also help you prepare for international certification exams such as CNaVT– an exam for foreign learners of Dutch language

With conversation modules of 10 hours as the cumulative duration, Dutch conversation courses help to increase fluency and build vocabulary. Once you join the courses, you would be able to speak better on various themes and concepts

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