French Language Course

French Course Details

French is regarded as one of the most romantic languages across the world especially in the Indo-European families which have descended down from the Latin language. French is spoken in more than 42 countries and there are more than 300 million French speakers around the world. After English, it is the most widely spoken language in the world. Therefore it has become one such language that is taught along with the English language in schools these days. Even in India, a lot of national and international schools have started teaching the French language right from the 3rd or 4th standard and students take it as a second language in their 10th Class Board Exams.

How can Learning French Help You in Your Career?

Learning the French language can open up doors of MNC’s for you. Since the multi-national companies have clients from all over the world and also since French is the second highest spoken language in the world, therefore a lot of jobs are filled by these companies every year. India, being a country with high foreign investment, a lot of French Companies have created their centers in India. This helps them in serving their clients in a 24X7 mode because of the time difference between India and Europe. Also, the difference in the labor price between India and Europe results out in huge profits for the companies. Therefore, learning the French language can be bliss for you.

Method used for Teaching

The institute makes use of various methods to teach the French Language to its students like play audiovisual programs etc. to help its student to not only learn the language but imbibe the language such that it becomes an asset for the individual. Particularly for individuals who want to pursue their career in French Language, Iteskul provides a supportive as well as a productive environment for learning. Every effort is made to incorporate the right skills in the student to enable him to make his dreams come true by pursuing his career in the French Language. The opportunity to learn all levels of the course from native French speakers makes the course interesting and challenging at the same time.


Course Level





       French A1 Level


  Understanding and communication of basic, familiar expressions, self-introduction. Develop ability to respond to simple questions and write simple, short sentences pertaining to oneself

60 Hours 

       French A2 Level 


  Understanding and communication of daily situations related to personal and professional life. Can speak briefly about simple everyday topics such as  visiting a restaurant, departmental store, travelling and write short essays on simple topics.

80 Hours

       French B1 Level


  Requires solid understanding of grammar topics covered in the previous levels Develop ability to communicate in  all topics related to school, work and leisure time.

  120 Hours

       French B2 Level


  Understanding of literary texts and articles from newspapers, magazines. Develop ability to confidently communicate with native speakers and express thoughts and opinions on various issues

  200 Hours

    French C1 / C2 Level


  Develop ability to understand complex text covering a variety of aspects including German literature and culture.  Ability to communicate spontaneously and clearly on variety of topics using complex statements and grammatical structures.

  250 Hours

Level of difficulty as compared to English

Speaking Moderate
Grammar Moderate
Writing Moderate Easy
Overall Difficulty Moderate


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